Invest in Casino companies

The European casino markets online are growing and changing a lot right now, and there are a lot of opportunities for investors, speculators and others who make a living trading. Below, we will take a closer look at one niche of this, a niche that many English-speaking investors might be overlooking: Swedish companies. Some of the companies listed below are headquartered outside Sweden, but they all have strong ties to Sweden, e.g. due to Swedish management or because they are traded at the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Stockholm).



Betsson is a major player in the European gambling market. The company is most famous for its sportsbook, but also runs online casinos and offers various other types of betting/gambling online.

In addition to the Betsson brand, this company also operates brands such as NordicBet, Betsafe, CasinoEuro, and Krooncasino.


Just like Betsson, Unibet is chiefly known for their sportsbook, but also offers online casino games and various other forms of online gambling. They use two brands: Unibet and Maria.


Cherry started out as a AB Restaurang Roulette, running offline casino tables on the highly regulated Swedish gambling market from 1963 and onward. Eventually, they got into online gambling as well, and the results were impressive. In 2006, the companies NetEntertainment (NetEnt) and Betsson were both separated from Cherry and became independent companies. For a while afterward, Cherry focused on offline business only, but eventually soon they entered into the world of online gambling again, and their new efforts look promising.



LeoVegas runs the eponymous casino site. Launched in the early 2010s, LeoVegas casino became famous for working perfectly on mobile devices. (It works great on desktop computers too.) The company did its IPO in 2016 and being a public company is thus a fairly new thing for them.

One of the big questions surrounding LeoVegas is if they will manage to keep their momentum now when so many other online casinos also work perfectly on mobile devices.

Aha World

Aha World runs several gambling sites, including casinos and bingo halls. They have a strong focus on social gambling, with bingo chats and casino chats being an integrated part of the Aha experience. Compared to giants such as Unibet and Betsson, Aha World is a very small player in the European gambling market.

Angler Gaming

Angler Gaming used to be a part of Betsson, but has since been separated into an independent company. Their original business idea was to license their gambling platform to third-party casinos, but the market interest was very limited. Angler Gaming then changed focus and launched its own gambling sites instead, using their own platform. How their platform, which includes advanced features for marketing and bonus management, will stand up to the competition long-term is yet to see.

PlayHippo AB

PlayHippo AB runs the eponymous casino site+ two online bingo halls. Used to be known as United Media before acquiring and rebranding themselves.


NetEnt doesn’t run any casino sites; they create casino games and license them to third-party sites. Their game portfolio is huge and includes really famous slot games such as Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods. In recent years, they have also started offering live casino tables for gambling sites.

NetEnt is huge on the European casino market, but nowadays also holds a license from a jurisdiction within the North American market and their expansion ”out west” will be interesting to follow.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming runs casino studios for gambling sites that wish to provide Live Casino tables for their members. They are one of the premiere high-quality providers on the European Online Live Casino market.